Hegde Plants for Coastal Sites

Coastal gardens can be very unwelcoming to hedge plants. There are continuous sprays of salt, the plants have to deal with direct exposure to sunlight and coastal towns are generally significantly windier than areas inland. All of these circumstances are potentially detrimental to many plants. Finding hedge plants for coastal sites may therefore not be the easiest task in the world, but we are glad to inform you that there is a number of hedge plants which appear to be tailor-made for coastal locations. These coastal hedges are not only decorative, but also highly useful, as they can serve as a windbreak without causing any turbulence, which is always a risk if you are using a wall or a fence.

Evergreen Coastal Hedges

The botanical name of the broadleaf, griselinia littoralis, already shows that this plant was born to live near the coast, as “littoralis” is Latin for “growing on the coast”. This plant originates from New Zealand and is therefore used to being surrounded by salt sprays and strong winds. Another evergreen hedge plant that will perform admirably in coastal gardens is the oleaster, also known as the silverberry, which is hardier than the broadleaf. If you prefer the more formal appearance of a conifer hedge, the western red cedar or thuja plicata would be the best option for a coastal hedge. All of these evergreens will be able to thrive in a garden located directly by the sea.

Deciduous Coastal Hedges

Evergreens are not your only option if you live in a coastal area, however. There are various flowering deciduous hedges that will feel at home in a garden near the sea, including the very popular hawthorn and hornbeam. The fact that the latter will thrive even in the difficult conditions of a coastal site means that you can even plant a decent security hedge if you live on the coast. Rosa rugosa, firethorn and blackthorn, as well as various evergreen and deciduous barberries are also considered excellent plants for seaside towns, but keep in mind that these species do need a certain degree of shelter and are therefore better off if they are planted in gardens that are not situated directly on the waterfront.

Benefits of Coastal Hedges

Coastal sites are not the easiest locations for hedging, but there are plenty of deciduous and evergreen hedging plants available that will do just fine if you live near the ocean. They will shelter your garden from the wind and the salt sprays that are so common in these sites, but they will also provide you with plenty of ornamental opportunities, as there are coastal hedges available with freshly coloured leaves, vibrant flowers and decorative berries.

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