Cherry Laurel ‘Herbergii’

Cherry laurel ‘Herbergii’ or prunus laurocerasus ‘Herbergii’ is a cherry laurel cultivar suitable for low to medium hedges in smaller gardens. It is not particularly fast growing compared to some of the other cultivars, but 20-40cm is still respectable and can be considered a medium growth rate. Lush dark green, oblong leaves are accompanied by spikes of conspicuous bee-attracting white flowers which are followed by black fruits, providing a food source for birds.

Ornamental Medium Height Cherry Laurel Hedges

Cherry laurel varieties in general are known for their wonderful, elegant leaves, that are characterised by their oval shape, their thick, leathery structure and their shiny upper sides. As such, they are highly popular with people who are looking for a particularly striking privacy hedge. Cherry laurel ‘Herbergii’, however, is often chosen primarily for its aesthetic value, as is will take several years before this relatively slow-growing cultivar becomes tall enough to function as a privacy hedge. Instead, cherry laurel ‘Herbergii’ is the favoured variety for anyone looking for the beauty of a cherry laurel hedge of medium height. But if you do not trim your cherry laurel ‘Herbergii’ hedge too rigorously, it is certainly able to grow tall enough to be a screening hedge.

Cherry Laurel ‘Herbergii’ in Your Garden

This low to medium height evergreen shrub is not as compact as, for example, cherry laurel 'Etna', and it will take a couple of years to create a screening hedge with his variety. Cherry laurel ‘Herbergii’ is fully hardy, very tough and tolerant of nearly all soils and positions except wet, waterlogged sights. As a cherry laurel cultivar, it is highly tolerant of shade, but not too happy growing in chalky soil. Cherry laurel ‘Herbergii’ is easily trimmed. Trimming and pruning is best done in spring or July. Fragrant clusters are followed by black berries loved by birds. However, the leaves and berries are poisonous to humans.

Cherry Laurel ‘Herbergii’ for Compact Hedges

Whoever has been enchanted by the elegance of a cherry laurel hedge, but also fears their garden is too small for the fast-growing popular varieties, such as the cherry laurel ‘Rotundifolia’, the more compact cherry laurel ‘Herbergii’ might be a great option. It does not grow quite as vigorously as most other cherry laurel cultivars, but it has all the same great qualities for both formal and informal evergreen hedges. And since not many evergreen hedges work well for both categories, cherry laurel is truly a unique plant, capable of tolerating a wide range of soils and positions. If your garden is located in a particularly tricky location, such as a windy site in a coastal town, the equally slow-growing spotted laurel offers you many of the same qualities.

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