Holly 'Heckenstar'

Holly ‘Heckenstar’ is an evergreen hybrid of ilex aquifolium and ilex rugosa. Most noteworthy are its extreme hardiness (down to -30C) and its finely serrated glossy leaves with a bluish hue, which really set this variety apart from common holly (ilex aquifolium). Even though the leaves are serrated, they are not as prickly as those of the common holly. As a male cultivar, holly ‘Heckenstar’ does not produce berries, unlike its female counterpart ‘Heckenfee’.

It can, however, serve as a pollinator of holly ‘Heckenfee’, which will subsequently take care of all the berrying. Holly ‘Heckenstar’ will grow in any soil and prefers a moist, well-drained site in either sun or shade. This slow growing hedging species (15-30cm p.a.) requires little maintenance and can grow up to 3 metres tall. Like all other varieties of holly, the ‘Heckenstar’ is poisonous from top to bottom.

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