Fast-Growing Hedge Plants

Some hedge plants grow faster than others. That does not one mean one is better than the other; it all depends on what you wish to do with your plants. While slow-growing plants are excellent for low border hedges and topiary, fast-growing hedge plants are excellent for anyone who would like to grow a privacy hedge at short notice, but does not want to deal with the monotony of a wall or a wooden fence or the burdens of instant hedging, such as its steep price and carrying about heavy, established saplings during planting. But even if privacy is not an issue, fast-growing hedge plants offer you the opportunity to have a beautiful, dense hedge around your garden within no more than a few years.

Fast-Growing Conifers

Most hedging conifers – with the notable exception of the slow-growing yew – are such fast growers that the term fast-growing plants is usually immediately associated with conifers. And since most conifers are evergreen hedge plants with a dense, compact growth habit, they are simply ideal plants for year-round screening. There are not many plants that grow quite as fast as the popular leylandii – which has an average annual growth rate of up to no less than a metre – but thuja species, such as the western red cedar and the white cedar, and the Lawson cypress are all plants that will reach the desired height and density for a hedge that will guarantee your privacy quickly.

Hedge Plants for Fast Results

However, there are non-conifers that can compete with the leylandii in terms of a fast growth rate, ivy being the most obvious example. While ivy is not traditionally associated with hedging, it will grow up to 70 centimetres a year when planted against a wooden or metal frame. This, along with the fact that such a screen does not require a lot of space, makes ivy screening a very economic option. The elegant cherry laurel is a beautiful evergreen with a vigorous growth rate that will add an informal character to your garden more generally associated with deciduous hedge plants, which is also true for bamboo hedging. We do not want to suggest that only evergreens are fast growers though, as the highly popular beech has a relatively rapid growth rate as well. Especially considering the fact that it is a native hedging plant.

Choosing a Fast-Growing Hedge Plant

There are many advantages to fast-growing hedge plants. If you want your hedge to reach a certain height quickly, there are simply no better options. Luckily, there is a wide range of deciduous and especially evergreen fast-growers available, so the one that fits the character of your garden is certainly out there. The only downside to a fast-growing hedge plant is the fact that it needs to be pruned frequently. If that discourages you or you are looking for a topiary specimen, you could always consider getting a slower growing plant, such as box, yew or Japanese holly.

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