Firethorn ‘Red Column’

Firethorn ‘Red Column’ or pyracantha ‘Red Column’ is a flowering evergreen hedging cultivar that bears masses of bright red berries in autumn preceded by profuse clusters of flowers in the summer. This thorny cultivar of average height is great for intruder proof hedging, but it can also be trained up a wall, where its striking berries will stand out even more. In addition to the colourful red berries this cultivar offers nesting sites, food for garden wildlife (birds and bees) and a dense growth habit with tiny dark green leaves. All varieties of pyracantha are both tough and hardy, tolerating a wide range of challenging conditions.

Firethorn ‘Red Column’ prefers a site in full sun or semi-shade, but deep shade is tolerated as well. Any, well-drained, preferably fertile, soil will do. It is recommended to protect firethorn ‘Red Column’ from exposure to cold winds. Pyracantha ‘Red Column’ is capable of reaching an ultimate height of around 1.5m tall with an annual growth average of 20cm. With a couple of firethorns in your garden (whether as a hedge plant, a wall ornament or as a free-standing shrub) you can enjoy an autumn full of colour. Firethorn ‘Red Column’ can be trimmed after flowering.

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