Butterfly Bush ‘Royal Red’

Butterfly bush ‘Royal Red’ is a delightful deciduous flowering shrub. While requiring only moderate upkeep, this buddleja variety will give you your money’s worth in colour, scent and size. ‘Royal Red’ is a stunner highly suited to sunny borders. This shrub can be planted in loam, chalk, sand or clay – soil type is not an issue with buddleja ‘Royal Red’! Provided with moist yet well drained soil, your butterfly bush can grow up to four metres in height and spread over a period of 5-10 years.

Pruning your butterfly bush back severely each spring will ensure it retains a nice bushy habit and encourage the growth of its lovely flowers. From July to October the ‘Royal Red’ is adorned with deep purple-red flowers that grow in long, fragrant panicles. As autumn draws near, its grey-green foliage will turn yellow, contrasting beautifully with its flowers and making this butterfly bush even more striking. The buddleja is highly suited as a hedging plant for wildlife gardens, as its scent will attract all manner of useful insects, bees – and of course butterflies!

Due to its low maintenance and showy appearance the ‘Royal Red’ is a nice addition to borders in informal and country style gardens. Buddleja plants are hardy and require no extra care in the winter, in case of very harsh frost they may die to the ground but only to grow back vigorously in the summer. With proper pruning and regular deadheading, butterfly bushes will maintain an upright habit that makes them very suitable as a backdrop for many border perennials while adding their own wonderful pop of colour when they bloom.

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