Cherry Laurel ‘Caucasica’

Cherry laurel ‘Caucasica’ or prunus laurocerasus ‘Caucasica’ is a cherry laurel cultivar specifically created for hedging purposes. ‘Caucasica’ resembles bay laurel very closely, due to its dark green oblong leaves. Cherry laurel ‘Caucasica’ is an excellent hedging plant with a high tolerance of drought, deep shade and pollution. Wet, waterlogged sites must definitely be avoided, but if will do just fine in any moist, well-drained soil. It is fairly hardy and extremely fast-growing at 40-50cm per year. As cherry laurel ‘Caucasica’ can get quite large and wide, it is most suitable for medium or large gardens.

Cherry Laurel ‘Caucasica’ for Seasonal Interest

The large evergreen leaves guarantee year-round privacy screening. The combination of large leaves, bushy growth habit and fast growth rate allows this cultivar to produce a dense evergreen screening hedge quickly. Fragrant white flowers in spring are an attraction to bees and other pollinators, while the red berries that ripen to black in autumn are a tasty snack for birds. Trimming a cherry laurel ‘Caucasica’ is simple and allows for both formal and informal hedging.

Low-Maintenance Cherry Laurel ‘Caucasica’ Hedges

Not unlike most other cherry laurel varieties, cherry laurel ‘Caucasica’ does not need to be pruned as frequently as its vigorous growth rate may lead you to expect. One pruning session in the early spring and some additional trimming in September are all that this gorgeous hedge plant requires. Make sure you hold off on the early spring pruning until the frost has disappeared completely. Also, make sure you only cut the branches and not the leaves, as damage to its leaves will impair the beauty of the cherry laurel ‘Caucasica’. Your cherry laurel ‘Caucasica’ can be cut back to about 40 centimetres should it be rejuvenated. However, if you do not skip any of the biannual prunings, it is easy to keep your cherry laurel ‘Caucasica’ hedge in check.

Cherry Laurel ‘Caucasica’: Strong, Hardy and Undemanding

If you are looking for a hedge that will ensure year-round privacy in the most beautiful way possible, cherry laurel ‘Caucasica’ is definitely an evergreen hedge plant worth considering. It is easy-going, hardy, undemanding and simply stunning. In addition, ‘Caucasica’ flowers more profusely than most other cherry laurel varieties. The only downside to the cherry laurel ‘Caucasica’ is that it needs a certain amount of space and is therefore not a good fit for smaller gardens, which are probably better off with a cherry laurel ‘Genolia’® or – if privacy is not an issue – lower and slower growing varieties, such as ‘Herbergii’ and ‘Zabeliana’.

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