Rhododendron ‘Germania’

Rhododendron ‘Germania’ is one of the many rhododendron cultivars grown for their magnificent flowers. Rhododendron ‘Germania’ produces profuse clusters of large rose-red trumpet-shaped flowers that emerge from large flower buds. ‘Germania’ is an evergreen and possesses lighter green foliage than most other rhododendrons. The pale green leaves create an excellent backdrop for the striking flowers with ruffled edges that appear in May-June – making it one of the last rhododendrons to flower. Well-established full-grown plants are the most beautiful, but it will take a little time for your hedge to mature.

The average annual growth rate is somewhere around 10cm, which is relatively slow compared to other cultivars. Nonetheless, it can still reach an ultimate height of 2m tall, which is not unusual for a rhododendron. Like all rhododendrons, ‘Germania’ is an acid loving shrub that should be planted in a lime-free soil. It is tolerant of neutral soils, but alkaline soils need to be amended with ericaceous compost, which is specifically designed for plants that require acidic soil.

Rhododendron ‘Germania’ is a hardy evergreen, but is best planted in a sheltered position protected from strong winds. Full sun should also be avoided: rhododendron ‘Germania’ will do best at the back of a border in semi-shade. This bushy, compact shrub (wider than it is tall) will benefit from deadheading, as growth and flowering are stimulated by the removal of faded flowers. Keep moist and water regularly.

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