Holly 'Blue Prince'

Holly ‘Blue Prince’, or by its full Latin name ilex x meserveae ‘Blue Prince’, is a selected holly cultivar that bears male flowers. As a male cultivar, ‘Blue Prince’ is not capable of producing berries. If berries are a desired feature of your holly hedge, ‘Blue Prince’ will need to be combined with a number of female cultivars of the ilex x meserveae type - for example holly 'Blue Maid'. This appealing holly variety distinguishes itself by its glossy, bluish green leaves that feature spiny edges.

The purplish shoots make this holly yet more attractive. Holly ‘Blue Prince’ is a great choice for formal hedging or to plant as a specimen shrub. If planted as a hedge, this slow growing, low-maintenance evergreen is perfectly suitable as an intruder deterrent. Its usefulness as a hedging plant is further enhanced by its extremely dense growth habit. It will take any well-drained, preferably moist soil in full sun, partial shade or even deep shade. This fully hardy plant will produce inconspicuous white flowers in spring.

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