About HedgesOnline

Would you like to plant a lovely hedge around the perimeter of your garden, but do you not know where to begin? Hedges Online would be a great place to start. We know that choosing the right hedge for your garden can be a difficult task, given all the factors that influence whether or not the shrub or tree of your choice will thrive as a hedge. Therefore, we have decided to start an online database, sharing all the information that we have gathered through years of hedging experience. By offering you everything we know about the characteristics as well as the planting and maintenance requirements of each plant, we hope to help you find the hedge will compliment your garden perfectly.

Types of Hedging Plants

The main reason why even the most experienced gardeners sometimes have trouble picking the right hedge plant is the fact that there are simply so many of them. Evergreen hedge plants are often chosen for their year-round screening qualities, as they hold on to their leaves even during the winter and will therefore serve as excellent privacy hedges. However, some people simply prefer the striking, colourful flowers or the attractive autumn colour of a deciduous hedge. In addition, some tall hedges simply do not work as a hedge for small gardens, while low border hedges are not the best choice if you want to grow a security hedge primarily to ward off intruders. Hedges Online wants to help you find the most suitable plant for whatever purpose your hedge will serve.

Hedge Planting and Maintenance Requirements

Characteristics such as appearance, ultimate height and whether a plant is evergreen or deciduous are not the only factors that determine if the variety chosen will perform well in your garden. Your garden itself plays a part in this as well, as every hedge plant has its own preference when it comes to soil types and positions. Windy seaside locations are generally considered difficult for plants, for instance, but hedge plants for coastal sites certainly exist. In addition, hedges for heavy soils are not the same plants suitable as hedges for well-drained soils. Additionally, every hedging plant has different pruning and maintenance requirements. All of these factors need to be taken into account when choosing a new hedge and therefore, we would like to offer you all the information you need.

Finding the Right Hedge Plant

Whether you are looking for an evergreen screening hedge, a profusely flowering hedge, a mixed hedge, a wildlife-friendly hedge or even an unconventional hedge, such as an ivy screen; with the information on HedgesOnline, you will be able to successfully grow any of these in your garden. Even if that garden is in a traditionally difficult location. We will help you find the hedge that will enhance the appearance of your garden or ensure your privacy throughout the year.

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