Rhododendron ‘Marcel Menard’

Rhododendron ‘Marcel Menard’ is a dark flowered rhododendron. It was created as a hybrid in 1924 and has since earned its place in the pantheon of rhododendron cultivars. This unique looking variety features velvet, deep purple funnel-shaped flowers with yellow to greenish spotted throats that can be enjoyed from May to June. It is a reliable performer suitable for formal and informal hedging due to its compact habit. The lance-shaped leaves are dark green in colour and the whole plant is resistant of pests.

Rhododendron ‘Marcel Menard’ is an evergreen and is very tough, tolerating temperatures down to -20C. With a decent growth rate of 20cm p.a. it will reach its ultimate height within 10 years. As an evergreen shrub it provides year round interest and screening. Plant in dappled shade or part shade in a humus-rich, moist, acidic soil. Mix in some ericaceous compost if the soil does not have the correct pH. To ensure that the surface roots can finds nutrients, a shallow planting depth is optimal. Dead-head after flowering for best results.

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