Rhododendron ‘Red Jack’

Rhododendron ‘Red Jack’ is an eye catching rhododendron hybrid of large habit with funnel-shaped ruby-red flowers in May-June opening from an abundance of flower buds. The flowers’ colour is very striking and will attract everyone’s attention, irrespective of where it is planted. The evergreen leaves are dark green and have an ovate shape. This showy cultivar is hardy down to -10C and should be planted in a sheltered spot where it is protected from wind and frost. If there is no such spot available, rhododendron ‘Red Jack’ will benefit from staking. This rhododendron is happy growing in partial shades, tolerating full sun, but not deep shade.

If the soil in your garden is not acidic, this should be amended with ericaceous compost, which is specifically designed to please acid loving plants that are planted in a neutral or somewhat chalky soil containing very little organic matter. To ensure good drainage this bushy shrub can be planted on a slope or a raised bed, but this is only necessary in case the soil in your garden is prone to waterlogging. Deadhead the flowers directly after flowering to ensure future growth. This rhododendron cultivar will grow 20cm a year until it reaches its final height of around 2m. Rhododendron ‘Red Jack’ should be kept moist at all times, as its surface roots can dry out easily.

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