Barberry 'Telstar'

Barberry ‘Telstar’ is an evergreen barberry suitable for creating dense formal hedges. This lovely variety of barberry features lance-shaped leaves with a dark green colour on top and a silvery shine underneath. Barberry ‘Telstar’ will easily make an impenetrable low barrier that will last for years. Trimming is hardly an issue, as this berberis takes its time to grow. An annual trimming directly after flowering will make a neat dense hedge.

Just make sure to wear a pair of thick gloves to protect your hands from the vicious thorns that make berberis ‘Telstar’ an effective guard against unwanted visitors. Berberis ‘Telstar’ grows happily in full sun or partial shade and will tolerate a position in full shade. A tough and hardy shrub, barberry ‘Telstar’ will survive the coldest of winters. In addition, its evergreen nature guarantees a secure garden all year round.

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