Weigela ‘Rosea’

Weigela ‘Rosea’ produces thick informal hedges that have the ability to grow tall and large (2-3m tall and 2m wide), but weigela ‘Rosea’ can be restrained to about 1m tall without too much effort. Pruned weigelas can be planted in small and larger gardens, in borders as well as in parks. Pruning is necessary not only to slow down its annual growth, but also to stimulate flower production, as this deciduous shrub produces flowers exclusively on new wood. Most people grow weigela ‘Rosea’ for its flowers, which emerge in generous amounts in late May and hold on through to July.

This deciduous shrub will produce bell-shaped flowers, pink in colour, which will grow numerous clusters. The mid-green leaves are average-sized and coordinate well with the flowers pink colour. Weigela ‘Rosea’ will thrive without bother, but annual prunings are a must to get the shape and appearance you are after. Cut back up to one-fourth of the shrub after flowering or in winter, when the shrub is dormant.

Plant in a relatively moist, humus-rich (fertile) soil in full sun to partial shade. Make sure to add some fertiliser or compost if you have poor, sandy soil. Weigela ‘Rosea’ is suitable for informal hedging, for instance in a mixed border, and cannot be grown as a screening hedge, nor can it be kept particularly tidy or neat. Weigela ‘Rosea’ is really the type of shrub to grow for its ornamental value, and it most certainly has a lot to offer in this respect.

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