Japanese Laurel ‘Crotonifolia’

Japanese Laurel ‘Crotonifolia’ is one of a wide range of spotted laurel varieties available. Here we have singled out two excellent garden varieties – 'Variegata' and 'Crotonifolia' – that anyone will love. Spotted laurel is a compact evergreen, hardy shrub with large green, serrated leaves that will thrive anywhere, but it lends itself especially well to a spot in the shade, for example underneath a tree. Only the worst of winters can negatively impact Japanese laurel, but in general it is very hardy. This strong hedging plant will also tolerate pollution, which can be beneficial if you live along a busy road.

Japanese Laurel ‘Crotonifolia’ Hedges

‘Variegata’ and ‘crotonifolia’ do not differ much, barring a few characteristics. There are some minor differences in the shape and colour of the serrated leaves. Also, the yellow spots on ‘crotonifolia’ are more prominent than on the ‘variegata’. A more significant difference is that the variegated variety ‘Variegata’ is a female cultivar, which means it produces berries. The ‘crotonifolia’ cultivar, however, is male, which implies that it does not bear fruit.

Pruning a crotonifolia is not a difficult job, just make sure not to damage the leaves, as this will not make your crotonifolia hedge particularly attractive. Do not expect your 'Crotonifolia' hedge to grow as fast as, for instance, leylandii conifers – it requires some patience to grow spotted laurel ‘Crotonifolia’. After that, the ‘Crotonifolia’ will shine like a jewel in your garden for decades to come without demanding too much time or effort.

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