Rhododendron ‘Horizon Monarch’

Rhododendron ‘Horizon Monarch’ is a May/June flowering evergreen hybrid with a strong growth habit. This vigorous variety can grow 20cm p.a. and reach an ultimate height of 2m tall. Rhododendron ‘Horizon Monarch’ forms deep orange or red buds that open to reveal warm yellow flowers borne in trusses with a backdrop of elliptic dark green leaves. This rhododendron variety is fairly hardy and can cope with temperatures down to around -10C.

In colder and harsher conditions it tends to suffer from stem dieback and leaf damage. Watering in dry conditions in addition to good drainage in wet conditions will ensure a healthy plant. It is important to pick a good site for this eye catcher, featuring acidic, well-drained, humus-rich soil in dappled or partial shade (ideally) or sun. Full shade should be avoided. Other than that, rhododendron ‘Horizon Monarch’ is very reliable. It tends to grow wider than it does tall, it has a good resistance to diseases and pests and does not require any pruning whatsoever other than to reduce its size if desired. Its compact growth habit makes it very suitable for screening hedges.

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