Butterfly Bush ‘Nanho Blue’

Butterfly bush ‘Nanho Blue’ is a delightful flowering shrub, which is also known under the name buddleja ‘Mongo’. This cultivar originated in California in 1984, and has since become popular on both sides of the Atlantic. This butterfly bush is slightly smaller than other varieties, with an ultimate height of 1.5-2 metres, and an equal ultimate spread. However it will reach its ultimate proportions in a two to five year period, where other varieties may take up to ten years to reach this stage.

Buddleja ‘Nanho Blue’ is suited to loam, chalk and sand soil types and requires full sun and well drained soil, making it slightly more demanding than other butterfly bush types. As far as diseases go, it is a trouble free plant. This butterfly bush is known for its denim blue blooms, which grow in long panicles of small flowers. It is a deciduous shrub which requires regular pruning in early spring to retain its attractive compact habit and not grow scraggly. This will also promote optimal flower growth for your ‘Nanho Blue’.

This butterfly bush is well suited to hedges, borders and beds in both formal and country gardens. Buddleja’s rich scent is one of its most pleasing features, making it loved by gardeners. Bees and butterflies also appreciate its exquisite blooms and will be attracted to your garden – yet another feature making it a favourite for gardening enthusiasts. While the butterfly bush is well known as a summer plant, ‘Nanho Blue’ maintains visual interest through the autumn when its dark grey-green leaves turn an intense shade of grey, forming a striking contrast to its bronze coloured stems. Butterfly bush ‘Nanho Blue’ can be used in many types of border and shrubbery – adding a colourful, fragrant accent to any garden.

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