Lawson Cypress ‘Stardust’

Lawson cypress ‘Stardust’, or chamaecyparis lawsoniana ‘Stardust’ by its Latin name, is a widely used hedging cultivar. The lawson cypress is valued for its variable colours, shapes and superior hedging qualities. Lawson cypress ‘Stardust’ is extremely hardy, adaptable to most conditions and positions and produces dense scale-like foliage – pale green in colour – that is great for screening hedges. The lively golden yellow sprays add brightness to your garden throughout the year. The ‘Stardust’ has a compact habit and narrow pyramid form, which makes it suitable for small gardens or, alternatively, as a specimen tree in a mixed border. Due to its columnar growing habit (wide at the base, narrow at the top) it will take a few years to create a screening hedge. Lawson cypress ‘Stardust’ is rather slow growing and requires little pruning, even in smaller gardens. Pruning can be carried out in late spring and/or in autumn.

Lawson cypress ‘Stardust’ is happy growing in the majority of soil types and can handle quite a bit of exposure. Lawson cypresses hate wet feet and prefer a moist, well-drained, slightly acidic soil in sun or partial shade. The soil can be treated with a humus-rich soil conditioner if required. Be aware that, as with all species and varieties of lawson cypress, the foliage may irritate the skin.

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