Firethorn ‘Golden Charmer’

Firethorn ‘Golden Charmer’ or pyracantha ‘Golden Charmer’ is a firethorn cultivar that sets itself apart with its bright orange berries. Pyracantha are evergreen shrubs with thorny branches that produce an abundance of lovely, colourful berries in autumn and winter. The berries are preceded by large clusters of small white flowers in summer. These fruits are an important food source for birds during the colder months of the year. In addition, firethorn ‘Golden Charmer’ offers plenty of nesting opportunities for birds in the nesting season.

Firethorn ‘Golden Charmer’ features glossy dark green foliage and a dense growth habit. Due to its compact habit, this versatile shrub can be planted both as a specimen and as a screening hedge. It can be pruned to shape as required, ideally right after flowering. Even rigorous prunings will not harm this robust cultivar, which allows you to ‘repair’ overgrown firethorn hedges.

Firethorns prefer good, well-drained soils and a sunny position to ensure good berrying, although it is tolerant of shade. It is best to protect firethorn ‘Golden Charmer’ against strong winds until it is fully established. Pyracantha ‘Golden Charmer’ will grow an average of 20cm a year and reach an ultimate height of around 2.5-4m, depending on growing conditions and pruning. As a bonus, this particular cultivar is resistant to pyracantha scab. Firethorn ‘Golden Charmer’ can also be planted as an intruder hedge.

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