Holly 'Blue Maid'

Holly ‘Blue Maid’ or Ilex x meserveae ‘Blue Maid’ is a cross between ilex aquifolium and ilex rugosa. This fully hardy variety of holly produces bright red berries in autumn and winter, provided that there are male specimens around. ‘Blue Maid’ will steal the show with its glossy softly serrated foliage – bluish green in colour above, light green beneath. The abundant berries add winter interest to your garden and provide a food source for birds. ‘Blue Maid’ can be placed in full sun to deep shade and has a slight preference for well-drained soils like all other species and varieties of holly. ‘Blue Maid’ needs a male pollinator to produce berries, such as holly 'Blue Prince'. As a typical holly it has a slow growth habit (15-30cm p.a.) and it will take a few years to create a dense evergreen hedge. Your patience will be rewarded once it is established, as it will produce a stunning low-maintenance hedge that is easily trimmed into a formal shape. An annual trimming will suffice.

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