Yew ‘Hillii’

Yew ‘Hillii’ or Taxus media ‘Hillii’ is a popular cross between taxus baccata (common yew) and taxus cuspidata (Japanese yew). ‘Hillii’ is a selected male cultivar of the same variety as taxus media ‘Hicksii’. Like the female variety, ‘Hillii’ is small to medium sized, which makes it very suitable for smaller hedges. The soft green needles are packed together on the branches. The branches themselves are also densely arranged, enabling this cultivar to create a very compact hedge. Yew ‘Hillii’ is capable of growing a (2m) tall screening hedge, but this will take up to ten years, which is why this lovely cultivar is rarely planted as such. They are widely used as boundary hedges or to provide some much needed winter interest to any garden. Also, yew ‘Hillii’ will really stand out in a border.

This decorative cultivar is somewhat slower growing than common yew, but the difference is minimal. Taxus media ‘Hillii’ does not produce fruits, but can be planted as a pollinator of the female variety ‘Hicksii’. As yew ‘Hillii’ is capable of reproducing from old wood, it can be trimmed hard without damaging the plant. A sturdy and undemanding cultivar, this hedging conifer is incredibly hardy (down to -35C) and will take any soil type or position available, provided it is well-drained – the only downside is its low tolerance of waterlogging.

Yew ‘Hillii’ Hedging Benefits

Not being tolerant of waterlogged sites is something hedging conifers are renowned for. Another quality conifers are known for is being able to reach a remarkably old age. This yew cultivar does not require a lot of upkeep and if you can provide it with that little maintenance, yew ‘Hillii’ will outlive any human by quite a margin. This makes a hedge consisting of yew ‘Hillii’ an economic, durable choice. As said before, a yew ‘Hillii’ hedge can grow tall enough to be used as a privacy hedge, given that you have the patience to let it grow that tall. We do advise you to keep it in check, however, as its branches can fan to the sides under the weight of substances like snow if it becomes too tall.

Low-Maintenance Yew ‘Hillii’ Hedge

For a classy, low border hedge that will look great throughout the winter and requires only the bare minimum of maintenance, yew ‘Hillii’ is an excellent choice. It is somewhat more formal in appearance than the female ‘Hicksii’ cultivar, but even if you prefer the more informal look of the berrying yew ‘Hicksii’, you would still need at least one yew ‘Hilli’ for every ten ‘Hicksii’ plants in order to enjoy the striking, bright red colour of its berries. If you are simply looking for an elegant, formal hedge that will not grow too tall to mark the borders of your garden, yew ‘Hillii’ is the right hedge plant for you.

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